Monday, 27 December 2010

After the first December snow-the pale blue vision

Sculptural trees IV

After the first December snow

Heading back home V

The snow looked like fluffy wool, amazing!

Snow against the blue sky IV

Heading back home IV

Snow against the sky III

Snow like talcum powder, light as fluffy fleece,...

We have been baking...

Mum and I have been busy baking and we simply love this cake mould! The cake itself is simple, sponge cake with some raisins and Marsala liqueur, definately yummy! We also baked a chocolate version: we poured melted milk cooking chocolate all over the petals, gorgeous!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The blackbird is sitting nicely...

Poised III-from the "Simple and Beautiful" series

Mid afternoon in the garden

In the garden III-from the "Simple and Beautiful" series

Crouching under the tree...

The rear mirror view-from the "On the Road" series

Looking ahead-from the "On the road" series

In the garden-from the "Simple and Beautiful" series

Red berries under ice

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Snowed in!

Finally I am back online! We relocated about a month ago to glorious and bucolic Derbyshire, but due exceptional wintery weather and logistical issues, it took ages to get back into cyberspace! I did feel stranded without Internet connection! However I have been taking many photos and after some thorough editing, I shall be sharing very soon the very best shots!
It is simply heaven to live here, no noise or light pollution, pure bliss! I feel very much in tune with nature and follow the season's slow pace, trying not to push myself to do too much. It is a luxury simply to be in the present, absorb the beauty of it all, take the time to stop and observe nature.

I will post more photos very soon, as ever, many thanks to my regular and new friends to take the time to visit my blog, I truly much appreciate it! I hope all is well in your lives, and I take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful xmas and a fantastic new year!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

The bird we rescued...

Dickens the cat decided to bring us yet another gift, this time a little bird: for a minute or so it was mayhem in the kitchen, a lot of running around, chasing the cat, trying to get to the bird before the cat did, small feathers flying all over the places,...finally we took the poor bird and checked if it was ok. Dickens looked at us a bit bewildered; I took the little bird into the garden and set it free, alas after a short flight he landed onto the passage by the front door and Dickens was again dangerously close to the bird. Another chase and rescue operation ensued, then I realised that the bird was still not ready to fly, so I helped him and almost "launched" it towards the sky and fortunately he flew far enough, landing on a branch of a fairly tall tree.
In this photo Mum is holding the rescued bird.

Dickens and leaves

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Allow me to introduce you to our friend Dickens...

...cute,funny little Dickens, always so keen to bring us gifts, ie small mice and birds promptly rescued after a bit of chasing, goodness, I didn't know that small mice could run so fast!
Here Dickens is striking a pose, wondering what on earth I am up to, and what is that device I carry around all the time!

As cool as only a cat can be!

If only I could be this cool myself, but then again you all know how stressful it can be when it comes to relocating! I am back and hopefully in a few days time we will escape to glorious Derbyshire! I apologise for not been able to post for a while, watch this space, more photos coming your way soon, as ever many thanks for stopping by, a big hello to new and old friends!

Friday, 15 October 2010

The reason for all these posts today is...

...that I will be away for a couple of weeks, so I want to leave you with as many photos as possible. Over the last few weeks I have managed to upload all the very best shots I took this Summer, and when I am back I hope to have loads more to share with you.

As ever, many thanks to all of you, regular and occasional visitors, for taking the time to stop by!

As French people say: "A bientot!"

Reaching out for the sky

Among the delicate lilac petals

Petals and pistils at Chatsworth

...while I was browsing in the shop, I saw a lovely flowers arrangement and the view onto the court. Later on I spotted a visitor's legs, she/he seems to emerge from the flower, funny!

Patterns and petals

Lilac and buds against the stormy sky

The unlikely umbrella...

The daisies are aimimg for the sky...

Straight into the cloud