Sunday, 22 January 2012

Far Breton with icing sugar and recipe postcard

...far breton with or without icing sugar? Uhm, decisions, decisions... We bought this recipe postcard while on holiday in gorgeous Brittany, lovely and yummy memories!

Far Breton

this is truly a delicious and simple cake to prepare, the original recipe is from Brittany.

A tiny shell...

...or an inverted comma, cute isn't it?

Thrilling stitches...

...these stitches are thrilling in the sense that I always get a buzz when I learn to do something new simply by experimenting, no tutorials online, youtube videos or books came to my aid. This work in progress may not be or look particularly exciting to those who know everything about crochet, but I am pretty chuffed. My plan is to carry on and make a scarf, having fewer stitches on either sides on the next row and the row after will have again the same amount of stitches you see here.

I was supposed to crochet squares....

...and I ended up with these two "not so square" samples! I am experimenting and trying to follow the written instructions from the latest issue of the fabulous "Mollie Makes" magazine, but alas something has definately not gone according to plans and to my best intentions.
I guess that crochet for me is like doodling, I am still learning and I too easily get off on one of my tangents; I ask myself: "What if I do this, what if I go round this loop,..." and the initial idea metamorphoses into a new bizarre experiment.
...but wait. there is more!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Stitches and lilac texture

.Just like knitting, I find crochet addictive and fascinating, the possibilities are endless, I only need more yarn and more time...