Saturday, 13 February 2010

A patisserie close to the Bastille

...a souvenir from a few years ago, I wonder whether this patisserie still exists, what a marvellous alibi to plan a long weekend in Paris!

The things we love to keep...

I seem to remember that this cute paper bag contained a couple of yummy croissants bought in a "boulangerie" in Paris quite a few years ago. I used to keep everything,...these days I am in the middle of a massive de-cluttering and I have become more strict when it comes to decide what I need to let go...

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Into the garden VI-the candy wrap series

Looking up IV-The candy wrap series

Onto the fields V

Footprints towards the bench-the candy wrap series

The tree in the corner-the candy wrap series

Over the frozen stream

I am in the mood to travel...

I blame these beautiful journals I saw a few days ago at the local Waterstones, they are perfect: old prints of the Eiffel Tower, maps and lovely illustrations of plants and butterflies one can encounter while travelling in warmer climates...

At the tearoom-downtown

Granny, (not my real granny), caught me right when I was about to take a photo of her with my cell phone. Until a nano second before I took the photo, she was looking ahead, a perfect and pensive profile. I still wonder whether it would have been a more poignant shot had she not turned to look at me...

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Shopwindow display at Accessorize-details

Love these hanging large scale reproductions of the porcelain cup, saucer, the plate with flowers and the broach with pearls!

Walking towards the statue-the candy wrap series

Down the garden path I

Footprints IV-the candy wrap series

The white halo-the candy wrap series

Making notes-the knitting project

Mum's handwriting, making notes for the latest knitting project, a multi coloured jumper.

Monday, 1 February 2010

My first sewing machine

Mom bought this toy sewing machine when I was a kid, it actually work, I love it! It is quite tiny, it measures about 15x8x10 cm.