Thursday, 5 January 2017

Hibernating hydrangea III

Yesterday, while walking back home with my groceries, I stopped to take a few photographs with my mobile phone. The air was crisp, the light was perfect, nobody was about and I was wondering whether the owner of these dried hydrangea was at home and behind the curtains of the front lounge was asking herself what on earth I was doing, or maybe she had already recognized me as the "hydrangea stalker", I was sure she had already spotted me taking photos of her plants at the edge of her front garden.
I had dropped my carrier bags on the pavement near the low wall of her front garden and started taking photos. About a dozen shots later, I saw that somebody was coming, I turned around and this nice elderly lady asked me: "What are you taking photos of?". She had seen me with my arms stretched trying to capture a shot of the dried petals from above.
"I am taking a few photos of these incredible hydrangea", I answered. "Oh, but they are all dried, you should take photos in late Autumn you see, when they are in full bloom, I live here, you see". And I immediately replied:"I am sorry, I hope you don't mind!"- and she replied: "I don't mind, dear! There is a lady who every year comes and asks me if she can take a couple of these dried hydrangea. And as a thank you gift, she brings me some tea and biscuits".
"I have been talking photos of your hydrangea when they are in full bloom, they are gorgeous. One of the photos was so beautiful that I printed it and sent it as a gift to my friend who live in America." "Oh! So my hydrangea are also in the USA", she replied, and she looked suitably impressed and delighted.
"Is it OK for me to take a few more shots?", I asked her, "Of course it is dear!", and having said that she walked on, turned in her driveway and got back home by the side door, happy to be back home where it was warm and cozy. I am sure she put the kettle on, took out the biscuits tin and maybe she drew the net curtains to look at her hibernating hydrangea waiting to come back with a spectacular range of colours.