Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I find crochet slightly addictive...

...and utterly enjoyable! After my first throw, I have decided to be more experimental and "3D". I started off trying to crochet some flowers, after I saw on Mollie Makes a lovely tutorial on how to crochet flowers, but typical me, I took a tangent and started creating these rounded shapes, like little bowls. I decided to crochet as many as I could with the yarn I bought at the local charity shops and then stitch the rounded shapes together to form a blanket. My Mom is following the evolution of the project with a bemused look.
I crochet as often as I can, usually late afternoon and in the evenings, when we watch online the repeats of the Tour de France on France 2. I usually don't follow cycling, but this was such a fantastic opportunity to appreciate the French landscape and architectural heritage, one definately not to be missed.
I will keep you posted on this project, you will appreciate that this is "work in progress", hence it doesn't look neat and perfect, I am so excited with this project that I simply had to share it with you all!
As ever many thanks for taking the time to stop by! Paola