Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ah! The joys of modern technology...

Dear Friends! First of all a bunch of "Thank You!" for stopping by, I am always so utterly thrilled to have so many friends who take the time to visit my blog, it truly means a lot to me!
The second reason for this post is to inform you that my "new" hard drive has decided to misbehave: installed only last September, it has almost caused a major disaster: I had to send an SOS and recover all my data before I could have a thorough check up of the system. Thank goodness I have not lost any of my photos and files, mega phew!
Please bear with me if I am not going to be able to share with you my latest photos, I hope to start posting more regularly pretty soon.
The only positive side of this separation from my PC is that I have been drawing pretty darn good surface pattern designs and cool doodles!
Until the next post, be happy, be creative and live life to the full! Paola XOX