Sunday, 31 January 2010

The second layer

Mumsy in action is adding the cream, it is going to be a sumptuous cake, yummy!

The Sunday cake

Down the garden path IV

The sun balancing on the electricity wire makes me think of a note on a music scale.

Through the branches-The Magic Garden

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Onto the fields III

Into the garden IV

The violet heart-the viewfinder series

Towards dusk III

Into the garden V-the candy wrap series

Aiming for the Sky III-the candy wrap series

Into the garden IV-the candy wrap series

Pattern on the kitchen window

In the garden-the candy wrap series

Sunday, 24 January 2010


I love sheep! They have the power to cheer me up and lift my spirits. I don't know how it happens, nor why, but to me they are the best anti-depressant remedy, I really must relocate to the countryside as soon as possible! Has anyone out there a farm to rent or sell, preferably in the UK,...I am not joking! My ultimate luxury is to have only cows and sheep as neighbours! Consider this post as an SOS!

Let me introduce you to Tilly

She is always on the lookout for anything edible, she is a small scale tiger, a true hunter. I think she is the reincarnation of a rubgy player: when she sees someone walking, she starts running and in her own way "tackles", by crashing into the person's legs! Once she did "tackle" me while I was crouching to take a photo, needless to say that she crushed onto my "derriere"! She is such a character!

Let me introduce you to Garfield

one of the lucky residents at Pat's farm. Garfield is so funny, inquisitive and enjoys being around people, he is such a softy!

A pair of fingerless gloves for Pat

While we were on holiday at the beautiful Owl Cottage in Derbyshire, Mumsy decided to get some lovely multi coloured yarn and crochet a pair of fingerless gloves for our friend Pat who often works outdoors on her farm.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

The pear and apple cake

I think that the best thing to do on a Saturday afternoon when outside it is cold and snowing is to bake a cake, yummy, yummy!

Window seat V-the train series

Window seat IV-the train series

What are the chances to catch such a landscape from a window seat on a train speeding through the countryside? My cell phone may be outdated, but boy, it can still help me take great shots!

Winter afternoon I-the spooky series

I love experimenting and I often try to shoot suggestive blurred shots; the slightly out of focus effect and the sense of movement add to the overall spooky mood on a winter afternoon, before dusk sets in.

Window seat I-the train series

a curious blend of the sun shining through the clouds and the artificial lights from the train carriage...

Friday, 22 January 2010

I look at trees and I wonder... they can become so sinuous. I am convinced that in this garden there are many magic trees, dancers and fairies trapped in the trunk of a tree while escaping from elves.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

In the garden-The Quality Street Series

I found in the pocket of my coat a candy wrapping, I put it in front of the camera lens and started taking photos. I got carried away and I possibly took too many shots! I was so excited that I didn't mind the biting cold on my hands, (I left the gloves behind at the cottage). I will do some very strict editing and select only the very best photos, most of them have something surreal, spooky and dream-like about them that I find spellbinding!

In the garden III

The tiny tree house

Through the snow flakes III

While outside the snow was falling...

Mumsy and I baked this cake: we started adding raspberries to decorate the cake and then we decided it was more fun to eat the raspberries and have a cake with a "partly decorated" look!

Love snow III

Winter afternoon I

It is cold outside...

Monday, 18 January 2010

Window seat-the train series

This is one of the photos I took while I was travelling towards Derbyshire, and towards loads of snow! Just before xmas, the train was travelling fast, the countryside was beautifully still!

Friday, 15 January 2010

I love snow!

...and I got plenty during my xmas holidays. I am back with a trillion photos to share. Many thanks to all those that have stopped by while I was away. I hope you all had a wonderful xmas and a great start of 2010.
Very best wishes for a happy, creative, prosperous new year full of love, laughters and joy!